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Save The Children

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Godaita Municipality

Key Highlights

Samunnati (Sponsorship) program selected six levels of outcomes focusing to the changes in socio-ecological model targeting the changes in children, families, communities and institutions/policies. Program identified six core and non-core components such Maternal and Newburn Health (MNH), Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), Basic Education (BE), School Health and Nutrition (SHN), Adolescent Development (AD) and Child Sensitive Livelihoods (CSL). Those program areas are selected to ensure holistic development of children and adolescents and also to achieve survival, learning, and protection through aligning with SCI’s four main global themes (health, education, protection and child poverty).

More specifically, the program will focus on promoting child development and positive caregiving practices, improving the learning environment in homes, improves teaching learning environment in schools, capacity development of teachers and SMC, active engagement of PTA and SMC including local government for quality education program. The education program focuses on retention of children rather than only accessing them to schools. Similarly, improve services in health facilities for children, adolescents and mothers.

      • Banarsi Devi Malli of Godaita has invited first ever in a meeting where she influenced and enrolled her children in school for study.
      • Muslim community children of religious school have joined mainstream schooling.Dom community were first time invited and awarded publically during international literacy day.
      • School children started to bring home made tiffin fist.
      • Education policy of Godaita municipality has formed and indorsed.

Key Results

    • 183 muslim community community children who used to go religious school are enrolled in mainstream schooling.
    • 11 children of Dom community enrolled their children in school and continued.
    • School children started to take home made tiffin.
    • Supported in formulation of Municipality level Education policy, Health policy, Child policy, health policy and agriculture policy.
    • Supported in formation of SMC and ECDMC in all schools.
    • Supported in formation of SIP in entire 25 school of Godaita municipality.
    • Two schools have supported to construct ECCD buildings and boundary.
    • Safe drinking water facility installed in 11 schools among 25 schools.
    • Hand washing stations are installed in entire school of Godaita municipality.
    • 36 child clubs formed and 1457 children have made benefited by different types of extra-curricular activity.
    • 10 Health facilities among them 4 birthing center are supported essential equipment.
    • CoVID 19 materials were supported to quarantine materials and health posts such as PPE Kit, VTM kit for swab collection, disinfectant materials, masks, and sanitizer, spray container, etc.
    • Schools were supported safety equipment to run the school properly in safe environment.
    • 500 households were supported blanket during cold wave.
    • Broad casted radio session to continue children learning even in lock down situation.
    • Self-learning materials were distributed to the ECCD, grade 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 children of impact area.
    • Peer group learning environment was created.
    • One teacher one tole teaching learning environment was created.
    • Wall paintings, broacher and pamphlet were developed on CoVID 19 and SHN related messages were distributed and disseminated.
    • Bursary support provided to 200 marginalizes children.
    • 25 teachers were trained on LB/NB teaching method.
    • 25 ECCD facilitators were trained on 16 days basic training.
    • Conducted reading and writing camp in 16 schools of Godaita municipality during Annual Family Update campaign.
    • 6 farmer groups are formed and supported agricultural tools and shallow tube well to irrigate the land.
    • 9 kitchen garden groups were formed and supported seeds to them.
    • Married Adolescent Girl group formed and trained to conduct session in community.
  • All 25 schools are supported first aid kit and SHN kit and oriented on its use.
  • Mensuration hygiene management training has been provided to 25 adolescent girls and lady teacher.
  • Support in celebration of various national and international day.
  • Organized birth registration campaign and benefited number of children.
  • SHN week celebrated each year where health screening, demonstration of nutritious food, Q-worming, iron folic acid tablets is distributed.