RRPK – Rastriya Rojgar Prawardhan Kendra

Project Info

Strengthening Inclusive Education in Nepal (SIKAI)



World Vision International Nepal

Start Date

End Date

June 2023

Project Value


Haripurwa Municipality, Parsa Rural Municipality

Key Highlights

A pertinent intervention given the severity of illiteracy in the Sarlahi district. A pertinent intervention given the severity of illiteracy in the Sarlahi district where poverty is rated at 17.7% almost 3-quarters the national average of 23.48% 1; over 60% of girls and 41% of boys are found to be illiterate 2. The 1 in 2 dropout rates among Dalit and Muslim communities are due to dire economic constraints and caste dynamics.

Nutrition and Resilient Livelihood Project (NRL) funded by WVIN focused on Health and Livelihood. The project is also advocating child well-being and other important issues both locally and nationally. NRL project focused on child well-being where project ensure that children are well nourished.NRL projects support to the most vulnerable children and families where vulnerable families are those families whose quality of life is most affected by inadequate resources to meet their basic needs; those who are socially excluded, deprived of basic health services and education, or are vulnerable to disasters. Likewise the most vulnerable children are those who have no caregiver, have a physical or mental disability, come from the most vulnerable families and are especially at risk of illness, dropping out of school, and violence, including but not limited to child marriage, child labour, trafficking, or abuse.

In Madrasas or religious schools, girls in the Muslim community are forbidden to attend school during their monthly period and often drop out at the end of their primary education. Children with disabilities are hidden from and/or stigmatized by families and communities. Disabled children hardly ever find their way to school or have the freedom to interact with other children. Communities, schools, municipalities are not practicing inclusive education due to lack of understanding, cultural and caste-related barriers, poverty, and lack of resources.

Most vulnerable HHs
Registered Children and their family
Pregnant and Lactating women
PWDs, family and their children
The disaster affected families and communities


Project Progress

Endorsement of the respective programs from the local level
Induction meeting with Municipality officials and ward officials
Beneficiaries selection 1625 to establish hand washing corner targeting PLWs, RCFs and MV Families
Demand collected from existing PHCORCs (23) to strengthen/upgrade MCHN services
Monitored status of existing UPG HHs of Haripurwa Municipality (75) and Parsa Rural Municipality (85)
Beneficiaries selection for consumption support
Consumption support to (200 East and 100 West) UPG HHs (PLWs, Malnourished children, HHs impacted by COVID, Most vulnerable HHs)
Demand  collected  from Health Section of Municipalities to strengthen/upgrade MCHN services