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WCPC Members Plays Lead Role to Stop EarlyChild/ Marriage

Madhu Kumari Mahto of 19 lives in Godaita Municipality-3, Bhagwatipur. She lives with her parents, 4 sisters, and 2 brothers. She is the eldest among her sisters and brothers. She belongs to the Durga Adolescents Girls Group which was formed in the support of GBV Project. Moreover, she is a survivor and works as a tailor. Her parents wanted to make her marriage to a man who was already married and has 3 children and whose wife died.

Kailashiya Devi Mahato, member of WCPC, Godaita-3 knew the information on her marriage. She shared this matter in the monthly meeting of WCPC on 18th November 2019 and there was endorsed a decision that all the members including CM of Sammunati: Ram Prawesh Paswan and CM of GBV: Birendra Pandit will have to visit her parents. As per the decision, they all visited her parents and discussed with them the negative consequences of early/child marriage and multi-marriage. At last, her parents were convinced to stop the marriage. Her parents stopped her marriage for 15 days. But, after that, they made her marry not at their own home but in Rauthat district

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