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Children’s Club Zoom Meeting with Home Minister

Sammunati Program supported Godaita Municipality to form School Based/Community Based Children Club in each ward. Up to now, we have supported to form 36 Children’s Clubs. Among them, 24 are community-based and 12 are school-based.

Chair Person of Children Club, Pragatishil Children Club, Godaita-9, Bakainiya participated in a Zoom Meeting with Home Minister, Honorable Gyanendra Prasad Yadav on 23rd July 2020. In the meeting, he presented the quarantine management of Godaita Municipality. He added that the municipality managed the quarantine badly and it wasn’t child as well as gender-friendly. So, all the common people of the municipality are dissatisfied. Besides this, he said, “All the works are running and the only school is closed. So, CORONA isn’t transmitted if all works are running and it is transmitted if the school is resumed. Therefore, my honorable minister, Gyanendra Prasad Yadav, please think over it and make the schools resumed as soon as possible.”

I think it is a big achievement because the representative of the children of Godaita municipality communicated with the minister in this way.

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